At Thierica Display Products, we take pride in being a global leader in plastic decoration for the automotive industry. With 78 years of unparalleled experience, we have consistently met and exceeded the exacting quality standards of the automotive sector. Our range of services, including plastic injection molding, painting, laser etching, and pad printing, enables us to transform interior and exterior automotive parts into works of art.

Our Commitment to Quality:

The automotive industry sets the bar incredibly high when it comes to the quality of their components. Thierica Display Products not only meets these standards, but we set new benchmarks for excellence. Our unwavering commitment to quality assurance has solidified our reputation as a trusted partner in the automotive sector. We know that every detail matters, and we leave no room for compromise.

Unmatched Experience:

With a track record spanning nearly eight decades, we’ve had the privilege of working with the biggest tier 1 and tier 2 automotive manufacturers in the industry. Our experience speaks volumes, as we have contributed to the success of countless automotive projects. From iconic industry leaders to innovative startups, we have left our mark in the automotive space.

Your Vision, Our Expertise:

Your vision for automotive parts excellence meets our expertise in plastic decoration. We work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and then tailor our services to meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re enhancing the interior or exterior of your vehicles, Thierica Display Products is your trusted partner.

Elevate your project to the next level with Thierica Display Products. Our unrivaled experience, unwavering commitment to quality, and cutting-edge technology make us the top choice for tier 1 and tier 2 manufacturers. Join the ranks of automotive leaders who have trusted us for nearly 80 years, and let’s bring your automotive project to life.

  • Pad Printing
  • Laser Etching
  • Injection Molding
  • Assembly
  • Paint Application
  • Electronics Integration
  • Fabrication

The only product decorating
partner you will ever need.

Our innovation is integral to the success of our manufacturing projects. Our projects range from injection molding mold-in-color parts, to the molding, pad printing, painting, laser etching, and assembly of finished goods. Finally, we can even go as far as packaging the product for a drop shipment to the end user, or we can custom package your parts to be integrated into your automated production lines.

At Thierica Display we offer a wide range of plastic molding and assembly and electronic integration capabilities and services that best meet the needs of your project. For more information, contact us to discuss the particular needs.

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