Every good part begins with a good mold, and in our plastic injection lines, we are in constant search of the right way, managing to meet and exceed world standards. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with the capacity for applications of one or several simultaneous casts achieved by a 4T digital system, we offer flexibility in allowing control and adjustments in line, to achieve and obtain parts that are free of imperfections. We are ready to undertake the challenge of our clients ever changing needs.

Our mold capacities range from 55-ton machines up to 500-ton machines. Our molding capabilities allow us to provide our customers with parts for prototype size runs, all the way up to production volumes. As our customer, you can count on our experience and have 100% confidence in Thierica Display Products ability to produce millions of parts per year, ranging from one off parts, to full production automotive programs.

mold capacities range from 55-ton machines up to

550 ton


Our molding experts carefully inspect and evaluate each mold on a regular basis to guarantee that each tool is operating to perfection. They perform regular preventative maintenance to verify all aspects of the tools are operating properly and that they are ready to handle the demands of the program they are built for. We believe in being proactive to avoid any major issues down the road, so if and when our team finds an issue with a tool, we work with our customers to implement a fix before the tool is unable to run parts.

Our technology is a key ingredient in our success. In order to run that technology, we must have the correct team in place to be considered experts. Therefore, we have team members who are certified as “Mold Masters” by the RJG institute, which is one of the most recognized molding organizations in the world. Our mold masters focus on the maintenance and calibration of the molds and mold machines in all of our plastic injection mold equipment. We understand that the mold is the first step in creating perfect parts, so when we say it is in good hands, it is in good hands.

Come to us, we will advise you to solve your particular needs the particular needs of your project

At Thierica Display we offer a wide range of injection molding capabilities that we use to meet the needs of your project. We will not stop until the parts coming off of our tools meet not only your expectations, but also meet ours. For more information, contact us about the particular needs of your project, we are the experts, and we are here to help.

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