The history of Thierica dates back to 1945… It was in a garage, located on the west side of Grand Rapids, where two brothers Ted and Harry Szczepanski (school teachers at the time), came back from World War 2 with some new skills. During the war effort, both brothers had learned how to paint while painting tanks for the military. Each brother had interests that led to the layout of our company today. One liked to make equipment to paint, while the other liked to paint parts.

Our story starts in Grand Rapids Michigan

in 1945

As for our name, that has its own unique story as well. Legend has it that the brothers wanted to incorporate “The United State of America” into the name of the company, but the government wouldn’t approve such a name. The Szcepanski brothers were sitting at a bar folding a dollar bill a million different ways, when they saw our name for the first time.

THe unIted statEs of AmeRICA

At the beginning Thierica Display Products, began making paint masks. The first clients were in the home appliance and automotive businesses. After a promising start and years of growth, the company relocated to current location (900 Clancy Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI, 49503), in the 1950’s.

This is how Thierica started transforming simple components into articles with decorative finishes. It is without a doubt that one of our products has surely passed through your hands. With 75 years of experience our products work in your day-to-day life; from household appliances, medical products, and all the way to aerospace parts that were incorporated in to the apollo capsule and the space shuttle, our components have literally been to the moon and back.

Today with hundreds of clients, a solid financial foundation and a total knowledge of molding, painting, pad printing, laser etching, and assembly, we are certain that your project is in good hands with Thierica Display Products.

More than 75 years of experience

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