Laser is an acronym for light amplified by a stimulated emission of radiation. Laser marking is a thermal process that uses the heat generated by a laser beam to alter the surface of the material being marked. It is a highly versatile, fast and durable process.

What happens is that when the laser strikes the surface, the material absorbs its energy and converts it into heat. While the surface of the material reflects most of the energy in the beam, it also absorbs and converts some of that energy into heat. For laser engraving to occur, the material must absorb enough energy to melt its micro surface and cause it to expand.

When the energy of the lightning is transformed into heat, the temperature of the material increases. At such high heat, the surface becomes malleable, allowing it to change its shape.

dimensional tolerance of

.03 mm

the BEST in the market

At Thierica Display Products, our systems are automated to the minimum number of operators with On-line high quality vision systems. Our level of precision is such that we can reveal different colors in the various coating levels since we have temperature and humidity controls allowing absolute control over the thickness of the coating, achieving total precision free of human error.

Some technical details to highlight of our precision is that they have a dimensional tolerance of .03 mm (tenths of a millimeter), which is the best on the market.

High Precision

Our Lase etching booths have a turntable allowing the continuous feeding of workpieces to have a continuous and interrupted process, always seeking automation and efficiency in our process.

At Thierica Display Products we offer a wide range of our Laser Etching systems with capabilities and services that best meet the needs of your project. For more information, contact us to discuss the particular needs of your project.

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