We are the experts. With our first pass yields being over 98% on all parts, we offer our customers a commitment to excellence that is evident in the superior quality of parts that you receive from Thierica Display Products.

We know the importance of generating an culture of trust, so that is why we focus on successfully carrying out each and every detail in our processing of your parts. This focus on the minutia offers our customers real world benefits to our clients. Our focus optimizes time and resources, which allows us to guarantee: low scrap, quality at the source, the shortest time to launch projects, fully automated lines, less movement, less risks, greater traceability… All of which gives you a superior product at a competitive price.

We work very hard with our suppliers to achieve excellence, as they must first complete our own approval process that ranges from quality audits, to audits of their respective processes and materials. By doing this we are not meeting our own accreditation, but this will ensure that we exceed your expectations as well.

Our experience has gained the trust of our customers as we develop our business strategy based on your needs

Our experience has gained the trust of our customers as we develop our business strategy based on your needs. We do that in such a way that we will offer you the best option to make your parts with the quality standards that are required for your unique needs. We also offer all of our expertise, years of innovation, and culture of “We are the Experts” to ensure that everything is working for you. We are fully committed to making good part’s, on time, and done right. We strive to offer you a comprehensive solution that allows you to have better advantages in the market you operate in, and greater economic performance in your business.

We offer great technological support for the solution of complex parts. Our people are the experts and will walk you through every step of the process, from design iterations, to the building of tools and the production launch of your parts. In addition, our team is available 24/7 to handle any of your needs, from every corner of the world.

We are the Experts


We are a Socially Responsible company, thanks to the fact that we have technologies that respect the environment. We only use paints that comply with ROHS standards. In addition, we have developed our own internal environmentally friendly processes in which we recycle many of our resources in an effort to achieve zero waste. Similarly, an organizational culture of principles and values has been established with a focus on the environment, and a strong belief that our ethical business practices are practiced at all levels of our company.

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