We specialize in assembly, injection molding and paint processes with innovative and fully automated equipment.


is a world-class, cutting-edge technology, contract manufacturing company. We are THE experts in high end decorative plastic components. We specialize in assembly, injection molding and painting processes with innovative and fully automated equipment that guarantees a superior finish and on-time delivery.

Backed by our sister company, Thierica Equipment, we continually maintain a dynamic focus on research and development that leads to our innovation in technological processes and equipment. Our innovation is integral to the success of our manufacturing projects. Our projects range from the basin needs of injection molding mold-in-color parts, to the molding, pad printing, painting, laser etching, and assembly of finished goods. Finally, we can even go as far as packaging the product for a drop shipment to the end user, or we can custom package your parts to be integrated into your automated production lines.

We guarantee the highest quality products and 100% on-time delivery 




Industry trends are increasingly sophisticated and push the limits of technological boundaries. We are here for all of that… Give us your headaches, the projects other suppliers say no to, and your dream ideas. Our systems are designed to adapt and meet new demands which include providing our customers with solutions to the impossible. Our current capability lineup is as follows:

Two Strategic Manufacturing Locations 


900 Clancy Ave. N.E.
Grand Rapids, Mi
49503 USA
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Paladio 110
VYNMSA Ridge Industrial Park
Santa Catarina
NL, México, CP 66350
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Strategically located in the motor city’s back yard, Thierica Display Products is located in the heart of Grand Rapids Michigan. This location makes us ideal for on-time deliveries, and quick response times. If you have a design change or a new revision, our team is here to support your needs 24 hours per day.


The guarantee and confidence in our quality is governed by the IATF 16949 certification for automotive parts, and the AS-9100 certification for our aerospace parts.

Our quality control lab which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology in testing systems ensures high quality parts for our customers. Our lab offers metrology tests, comparison tests, paint adhesion tests, color variance tests, gloss variance tests, hydrolysis chamber testing and color match tests are carried out; satisfactorily meeting the requirements of the VDA 6.0 & SPI standard.

In addition to our quality lab, Thierica Display Products also has a fully capable CMM lab for completing part layouts and dimensional studies of parts.

I have the pleasure of being the leader of the best employees in manufacturing.  The experience and diversity of my team is un-matched.  We create superior solutions to the most complex needs of our customers.  The people, “Talent”, of Thierica is what makes our company so special.
Joe Kacprzyk
Acting General Manager 

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