The assembly process is an area that has undergone major changes. The automation offered by these technological advances has been key to the operation and efficiency of production lines here at Thierica Display Products.

It refers to the use of devices to multitask on the line without human intervention. Using technologies recognized in the industry for their stability, consistency and reliability. We have plastic or metal assembly processes by means of a system configured with the adequate pressure to join and adjust the pieces, following the norms and quality standards of the client.

With extensive knowledge in this field, we are able to create systems that are developed and built specifically to meet the needs of your project, guaranteeing the specifications of each piece with constant quality with a well-balanced production line.

100% visual inspection

These automated processes facilitate stricter control in the processes and allow raising quality standards while lowering costs.

We have several solutions for assembly in manufacturing:

Greased / Adhesive
Ultrasound welded
Assembly by heat deforming “Heat Staking”

All of the above verified with tests, Push, Pull and Vision Systems to maintain, review a constant level of quality of each piece.

Maximum Quality


For the delivery of  finished products, we have disposable packaging and returnable packaging, the latter a solution to customers who require that the parts be accommodated under established specifications, ready to be integrated into their production lines with the ability to track and locate each unit produced.

At Thierica Display Products we offer cutting-edge technologies, reliable systems and an unmatched customer service approach. Contact us today to take advantage of the benefits that best adhere to the needs of your project. For more information, contact us about the particular needs of your project.

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